About Book


You must be a safe driver on the road. Safe driving is not just about you, but about safety of other road users too. Frist thing is, you need to know how to drive; Second most important thing is you must know how to drive safely. Unless you have comprehensive knowledge of driving and proper training, you cannot drive safely on the roads.

Nowadays, there is lots of information available everywhere. It is mostly available on the internet as well as in the handbooks, brochures, seminars, and driver training etc.

However, all this information is widely spread out and not easy to understand considering Non-English speaking learner drivers. It is also not easily accessible in one place or in one book considering the number of handbooks available. Learners and trainers are struggling to get accurate information on every-day driving from a single source. This book aims to provide their need.

This book provides detail information on most of the driving procedures and factors. There are lots of the helpful examples and illustrations about every-day driving in this one easy to read book, ‘You can drive’.

There is also a trend to underestimate the requirement of Driver training. It results in fake log book hours, avoidance of professional lessons, and some parents trying to teach themselves to their children without proper knowledge of driving.

You will also find different views about the rules and regulations among the learners, trainers and testing officers. This book will help to provide uniform information to all. Considering the time frame to achieve a driving licence, the number of lessons taken, the cost of the training, the genuine numbers of log book hours, and the affordability of the professional training, the new Learner driver is lacking of everything. And we can’t simply blame provisional drivers. Also we can’t blame the financial condition of the learner, untrained parents, poor quality training, or fake log book hours either.

Somehow, Learner drivers must have to get comprehensive knowledge of driving and genuine hours of practice. There is a way to do this more effectively, by providing particular and uniform information easily available to every learner at a fraction of the cost and time. This book will make it possible.

It is a collection of information on most of the driving factors and driving requirements in one place.

You need not to keep surfing on the net, or use several handbooks for bits and pieces of driving information or need not go through lengthy and costly driver training for day to day driving information. You can just read ‘You can drive’.

This book is the step by step guide to learner drivers. Parents who want to teach their children should refer to this book and follow all the steps from the beginning of the training.

Read ‘You Can Drive’ to master the knowledge of driving methods, safe driving requirements, test requirements and other relevant information to be well prepared before you go for the driving test.

Overseas drivers really need to read this book before practical training. It will help to assess their own training needs and minimise the number of expensive professional driving lessons.

Finally, it addresses the major issue of teenage driving and their involvement in road crashes. It is easily noticeable when seeing them driving that they have not received enough information about safe driving.

The main reasons for the number of road crashes related to Provisional drivers are, lack of enough genuine practice hours from parents, very less or no professional training hours. Some Learners have very enthusiastic parents or partners but they are not trained to teach others. Also there is no easily available source of information for Learner drivers in one piece and one place.

There is a solution. This book is a single source of comprehensive driving knowledge. It must be in every house to provide day-to-day driving knowledge. Only one thing you have to do, You need to read this book, so that ‘You can drive‟