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You Can Drive

Lerners Guide for Safe Driving

"YOU CAN DRIVE as long as you have comprehensive knowledge of driving and proper training.

In this book you will dicover every details of safe driving even before practical driver training.

This book will help to all the Learner drivers, Parents, Overseas drivers and Driving instructor to.

Packed with detailed illustration, most of the driving procedure, facts, methods, examples, useful tips and texchniques you must read this book and then, "YOU CAN DRIVE

Why my book should be endorsede

  1. There is no professional training guide (not road rule book) in the market form many years.

  2. RTA driving information is spread in many handbooks

  3. Information brochures are not useful for young drivers. Because students don’t preserve brochures as a collection of information and they forget about it as well as information.

  4. There is no in house training for wide spread information on driving other than practical driver training. Only you can keep a guidebook in house.

  5. Nonprofessional trainers may not have adequate driving information or knowledge and skill to deliver driving lesson to their children or spouses etc. They can learn from the guide book and teach.

  6. Nonprofessional trainers may not have adequate driving information or knowledge and skill to deliver driving lesson to their children or spouses etc. They can learn from the guide book and teach.

  7. A driving lesson of 60 min. is not enough to understand contains of the topic. Student need same information guide book handy to study on to it later.

  8. Unskilled learner drivers or unsafe learner drivers can also pass in 45minutes driving test. But they have not enough safe driving information and skill.

  9. It is a good idea for theoretical driver training to start before an individual attains their L’s.
  1. Driver training is always underestimated but it is not that easy. You need sufficient hours of practice to develop necessary safe driving skills.Use guide book also.

  2. Couple of Hours practical driver training is unable to deliver full information to the learner driver. They need full information book to check it on their own time.

  3. Accidents happen and the blame goes to the young drivers and not lack of information. They can achieve safe driving information themselves through guide book.

  4. Practical driver training is expensive. So the trend is to avoid it or cut it short. It results in young driver remained untrained or lack of information and comprehensive knowledge of safe driving (and still pass in driving test) At least Use the guide book.

  5. Driver training guide books must be introduced to the student from grade 8 or 9 onwards as a regular part of the curriculum.

  6. Try to examine the back locks and errors of the nonprofessional driver training and driver testing from the guide book also

  7. One hour lessons are not enough to provide full information or particular driving skill. It has to gain from the learners guide books.

  8. Individuals always think the cost involved in driver training but not thinking the cost involved in insurance if accident happen. They can save that cost just by educating them well with guide books.


Driving is a most essential part of every day life. Without driving it is very hard to survive in today’s life. However, it is not that easy task to perform. In addition, we have to abide by the rules and regulations also.

This book is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge to all Learner drivers, even before practical driver training. You can learn and understand all the driving requirements and procedures through this book. It will help you to understand practical driver training very easily, and you will also learn safe driving within the law.

Especially for Learner drivers or Overseas drivers, it is very hard to find out exact information on what you are really looking for. For example, if you want to find out particularly how to select the correct lane, you cannot get all the scenarios in one place. It is even harder to find out easy-to-understand and the accurate information for beginner drivers. For example, what is over steering, and how to avoid it?

Can you tell me, where we can find the information about right turn on green light in detail with all possible scenarios? It is hard to know, what the testing officer is going to check during the driving test, without expensive professional driving lessons.

It can also be difficult for parents teaching their children, or overseas drivers teaching their partners, to explain driving test requirements. Nonprofessionals may not be able to explain when and how to perform the head-check, and why? All of them clearly need help, to find out all this information in one place and whenever you need it. This book will provide most of their requirements.

As a trainer, I am really worried about different methods or views about manoeuvres and some procedures among the trainers and the testing officers. These differences are really confusing to the Learner driver even though they have gone through professional training.

For example, manoeuvring a three point turn, do we have to indicate in all three different stages or twice is enough? Do we have to indicate the exit indicator only for multi-lane roundabouts or for every roundabout?

All the trainers or testing officers must have uniform information about the issues mentioned above. We need one platform for all the procedures and factors of driving. We also need all the driving information to be easily accessible in one place.

It is not necessary to keep on browsing a number of different handbooks or websites for very small information. All the information about driver training should be categorised and must be easy to understand.

Handbooks definitely help for detailed and accurate information, but who wants all the details every time? Without going through all the handbooks it is not possible to know all requirements of driving. However, it is very time consuming. The question is, then how one should finish the driver training in a limited time?

I have really concern about Overseas drivers and Non-English speaking beginners. This book is designed to cater this special need. Finally the most important thing is, Every driver must be a safer driver.